About Us

Connecting Members
for Over a Century

Since our establishment in 1920, we’ve been a non-profit powerhouse, weaving a network of connections among our members and providing tools to inspire growth and sustainability. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for residents and support the growth of member businesses and organizations. We love making our city a great place to live, visit, and do business! From fun and engaging events to actively promoting our fantastic members, we’re shaping a city that’s sure to captivate everyone’s heart!

Watertown Chamber Building

Annual Chamber Golf Outing

Watertown Chamber
Drives Growth

Through sponsorship opportunities, job listing promotion, and organizing programming and events, we actively engage with our Chamber members. With a rich history and a commitment to enhancing the community, the Watertown Area Chamber of Commerce continues to be a key player in driving the city’s economic growth and prosperity.

Meet the Leaders
of the Watertown Chamber

Chamber Team

The team at Watertown Area Chamber of Commerce are dedicated professionals committed to serving members and fostering economic growth in the region. In addition, they provide residents and visitors with personalized information about local attractions, events, and services.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are committed, elected members from diverse sectors of our community. The Watertown Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors oversees operations, financial responsibilities, and leadership development.

Ambassador Committee

The Ambassador Committee has a vital role in outreach, recruiting, and retaining members while educating them about the benefits of Chamber membership. The committee organizes various events, assists at functions, hosts social events, and welcomes new members with ribbon-cutting ceremonies.

Leadership Watertown Committee

The Leadership Watertown Committee supports the program by creating engaging and educational activities to support the Leadership mission to develop informed, committed, and qualified individuals capable of providing dynamic leadership in the Watertown area.

Explore play and dine

Explore, Play, Dine,
and Tour Watertown

Watertown, Wisconsin is a destination offering a rich historical heritage, diverse dining options, family-friendly attractions such as an Aquatic Park, and unique experiences like visiting Santa at the Bentzin Family Town Square. To explore more about Watertown, including the Octagon House, Skate Express Roller Rink, and local events, visit the tourism website.